Here’s the second set of FE charms featuring 3 parents and 3 kiddos! ^0^/

And now if you want any dust plugs with your charm just let me know in the order comments and I will include them free of charge ^___^

You can also get sticker versions of any strap if you’d like to stick a few shepherds on your sketchbook or something~

You can order em here for charms and here for stickers !



I’M SO SORRY THIS IS REALLY MESSY (doodled while working on a paper + my arm is not cooperating “orz) but I hope you like the derpy Lon’qus anyway!

Bonus version with Gaius:


OH MY GOD I’m crying thank you so much JO!!!!

;____; Lon’qu making a lumpy cake for lil ol me <333

And the lil bits of icing on his face ;_________;